Kinoko Mushroom USB Lamp


If you love mushroom more than anything else, you’ll want to have something like this Kinoko Mushroom USB Lamp ($45) on your work desk as a decoration. JapanTrendShop introduces this USB lamp to us as the new mushroom-shaped color-changing USB lamp from Japan. It features the shape of tasty Kinoko Mushrooms, as small pot with grass, and other flowers. You can bend the position of the mushrooms, while you can completely remove and rearrange the flowers to your liking.


Just like a real mushroom where they can produce their own energy and nutrition (Vitamin D) to grow when exposed to sunlight, Kinoko Mushroom USB Lamp also has come with a solar panel to generate its own energy, too!

However, if the sun is not bright enough, it won’t charge properly. That’s where the USB charger come in handy. You can also recharge the juice (it can run 8 hours continuously before dimming out) via USB port on your PC, or directly via USB outlet/adapter.


Watch the changing magical colors of a mysterious mushroom discovered by a young girl lost deep in the forest. That’s the backstory behind this Kinoko Mushroom USB Lamp, a great piece of desktop foliage decoration that you can customize depending on your tastes.


Want to know how this Kinoko mushroom USB Lamp change its color? Hit the play button on the video below:

Well, it’s not really bright anyway. However, it’s pretty and capable of delivering a soothing effect if your room is dark enough. The size of this USB lamp is around around 105 x 97 x 97mm (the pot) and it’s about 137g only. In the package, you’ll find one pot with with the mushrooms, five grass steams, one flower and a 60cm USB cable. There is also a Japanese manual, but you don’t really need it anyway as it’s easy to use.

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