Neo Hammer: The Magnetic Hammer

Designer Jung Soo Park has come up with a nice idea of a new standard hammer call “Neo Hammer” with its handle could suck in and “carry” several nails at a time. It means worker will not have to bring a special nail storage or no need to clamp the nails with their lips anymore.

image credit: Jung Soo Park

There is a strong magnet residing at the bottom of the handle, so all you need to do is to jab the hammer into the nail container and a pile of nails will be picked up and ready to use. Of course, the magnet should be strong enough to suck the nails and won’t let them go even when you are nailing the wood.

Rubber grip allows better grip, while the red and black graphically shows a dynamic language and subtly shows the placement of magnets at the bottom of the handle.

This hammer will be a perfect partner for the ThumbSaver tool, which will help newbies hold the nail so they can nail something easily and safe from hitting their own thumb/fingers.

I wonder they will be on sale as a bundle in the future?

[via LikeCool]

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