Inflatable Backyard Log Flume – Turn Your Backyard Into A Nice Summer’s Playground For Your Kids

There are many cool gadgets that you can use to have fun in this June when Summer’s heat striking. For adults, we have seen some cool inflatable that they can use it on lake or calm river, such as the Aviva Iceberg, or gigantic water play slide. They are fun, but sadly it’s not for kids who’ve just learn how to swim in a shallow pool.

If you want to present your kids with something fun where they can play with water slide, you can check this kids version of water play slide called “The Inflatable Backyard Log Flume”.


Personally, I’m not really sure about the Log flume stuff. All I know is that this summer gadget is taking the shape of a log house, as if it’s built from piles of wood, but it’s not made for transporting lumber and logs down mountainous terrain to a sawmill. It’s a fun little space for kids around the age of 5-12 to have their little water playground in your large backyard without the need to visit a pool or lake/river.

This Inflatable Backyard Log Flume is only take about 2 minutes to fully inflate, another couple of minutes to fill it with water. There are two chutes where two kids can go sliding together in this inflatable, and they’ll send to the 1 foot high mini pool at the lower side. To ensure the inflatable keep in the inflated condition, it has come with an air blower that you can plug into the outlet.

Also, once you’ve set it up on your yard, Inflatable Backyard Log Flume will not easily move away from its position. It’s all thanks to the six stakes which you can plant it firmly into the ground, and another four stakes which you can place on the air blower and air hose to fix their position.

Inflatable Backyard Log Flume Specification:

  • Built from resilient 840- and 420-denier PVC-coated fabric
  • Supports up to 200 lbs.
  • Ages 5-12.
  • Inflated: 21′ L x 5′ 8″ W x 9′ H.
  • Deflated: 32 1/4″ L x 17″ W x 17″ H. (55 lbs.)

This fun inflatable toy is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $599.95 with Lifetime guarantee.

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