Weather X WF382R NOAA Weather Band With Radio, Flashlight and Hand Crank Dynamo

I’ve featured quite a lot of emergency gadgets at Hardware Sphere that looks pretty cool and offering a lot of features on one piece of device. I’ve spotted another one of these Jack-of-all-trade kind of emergency weather band.

Weather X WF382R NOAA Weather Radio

This is the WeatherX WFR382R NOAA, an all-in-one emergency tool with flashlight, weather radio, AM/FM Radio and could be powered by a simple hand workout on the hand crank dynamo. Let’s reveal the features one by one:

Weather X WF382R NOAA Weather Radio - Lantern Mode

Flashlight and Lantern

Weather X WF382R NOAA weather band has two lighting system. You can use it as a flashlight, and you can also turn this handy emergency tool into a lantern for small camp. The flashlight mode has 7 LEDs (high and low setting), while the lantern mode has lesser 5 LEDs only. However, I’m sure that the lantern mode will last longer as it has less LEDs when comparing to the high flashlight setting.

Tri-Power Sources – Including Hand Crank Dynamo

The beauty of such type of emergency gadget is the wealth of charging options. This Weather X WF382R NOAA flashlight has three charging options:

  • Powered via C batteries
  • Powered via the included AC Adapter, or
  • Powered via manual hand crank on its Dynamo Hand Crank at the right side of the flashlight

Weather X WF382R NOAA Weather Radio - Hand Crank Dynamo
There is a built-in rechargeable battery, but you can still add C batteries to prolong its battery life and use it for a longer period. However, if you’ve got no C batteries left in your stock, and you’ve been left in the jungle with no power outlet to recharge the empty built-in battery, the Dynamo Hand Crank will be there to help you gain some energy to power up the flashlight.

Built-in AM/FM Radio and NOAA Weather Update

You can also get instant updates via NOAA at 162.400 MHz to 162.550 MHz frequencies using this flashlight. It has a built-in AM/FM Radio, but it’s also support NOAA weather band that cannot be heard on a simple AM/FM radio receiver. There is dial tuner at the left side of this Weather X WFR382 flashlight where you can tune in the AM and FM channel with each. To the left of the dial tuner, you can also spot a small black dial for volume control. It can control the radio volume, and it could also control sound volume from external device. This also lead us to the next feature.

3.5mm Audio Input for External Devices

Weather X WF382R NOAA Weather Radio - 3.5mm Line In

Weather X WF382R NOAA weather radio flashlight also coming with the capability of using its built-in speaker for external device. There is a 3.5mm audio input port at the opposite side flashlight (beneath the DC 12V logo) where you can fit in any supported devices such as smartphones, tablets, or portable players. It’s an excellent way to share your music if your player doesn’t come with a built-in speaker.

You can view more details on the official PDF manual that you can find it at Weather-X website.

Another interesting stuff to make sure you won’t shout “It’s covered in cheap plastic!” at this device is that Weather X has rubberized this radio and covered it in a sturdy casing. I guess we can still feel the plastic, but it would not as far as a “cheap plastic” goes.

Out of all features, the most interesting fact that I love to hear is the price. Such a wealthy emergency radio is priced at $34.99 (MSRP), and you can actually get it for cheaper pricing at Amazon. At the time of writing this, Weather X WFR382 NOAA Weather radio flashlight is listed for below $27.

It looks like a great deal, but if you would like to wait, you can still get it at a much lower price mark. You know, Amazon can be pretty crazy when discounting their stuff. You may want to add it to your Amazon wishlist and wait for it.

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