WeWood Jupiter Watch – A World Saving Timepiece

Do you want to take part in the world saving act and have a unique timepiece for your own? Or, do you want a piece of earth-friendly wrist watch minus the leather taken from the cute animal skin? If so, you should take a serious look at this type of watch:

WeWood Jupiter Watch - Made From 100% Nature Wood

This is the WeWood Jupiter Watch, new stuff stocked by Thinkgeek that is made from 100% natural wood and coming with two Miyota movements, which is one of the watch mechanism developed by Citizen JP that is considered as a durable platform.

Miyota Movements - Example

Miyota Movements - Example

Miyota movements, or also known as Miyota 8215 is a “non-hacking twenty-one (21) jewel movement with a unidirectional winding system (left rotation) with an accuracy of -20 to +40 seconds per day, and a power reserve of over 40 hours. The diameter of the movement is 26 mm and the thickness is 5.67 mm. It beats at 21,600 BPH,” according to Wikipedia.

More information about this Miyota movements also available on Citizen.JP official site.

WeWood watch uses this type of mechanism to ensure that their customer get the best quality of wristwatch, even though it’s made of wood instead of steel version.

I’ve mentioned that WeWood Jupiter Watch is made of 100% natural wood. Which means in the production, I thought each watch would need a portion of real wood taken from real tree. However, my perception is completely wrong.

According to the description written on Thinkgeek’s page, WeWood Jupiter watch is really made of 100% natural wood, however, it’s not taken directly from the tree, but it’s taken from the wood scraps from the flooring industry. It sounds like turning trash into treasure here, but isn’t it better than letting the scraps be destroyed without any value at all?

Plus, WeWood promises to plant a tree for each purchase you’ve made! It’s like you take a bit and you payback 100 times or more. Purchasing WeWood Jupiter watch will automatically take you into the world saving act.

In another view, each Benjamin you’ve spent, it will give two benefits:

  1. You’ll get one cool, Hypoallergenic wood watch with dual Miyota movements
  2. You’ll grow one strong tree that will support the Mother Earth from early destruction

It’s a one stone two birds. :)

However, ThinkGeek didn’t mention what tree they will plant it for you. But from the color and wood type that you can choose from, I guess they’ll help us plant the following tree(s):

  • Red Wing Celtis (Brown)
  • Blackwood (Black)
  • Maple (Beige)

WeWood Jupiter Watch - ThinkGeek Collection

I was just guessing though, you might want to check with Thinkgeek regarding this matter. But personally, I don’t really care which tree they are going to plant. As long as they deliver their promise, any single new tree stood on this world is better than nothing.

UPDATE: WeWood is partnering with American Forests to plant trees. You might want to contact AmericanForests.org to see where your tree will end up. Also, the trees are not limited to the three types listed above.

However, if you don’t really care about the world (I hope you are not!) and not a wood lover, you can still use this opportunity and make the watch as the best birthday gift for your nature-loving friends!

Present them not just a dull gift on their birthday, you can also say: “Hey, you are taking the world into a greener future on your birthday!,” or something else like “I’ve helped you plant a tree on your birthday!“.

I can imagine how excited they will be if they are the true nature-lover. 😀

Overall, WeWood is one damn good watch where you can ‘plant’ some good deed as well. If you are interested to grab one, it’s available at Thinkgeek for $135 + shipping, or you can also get it at Amazon for a better discounted price.

wewood-jupiter-army-watchAt Amazon, you can also find the special WEWOOD JUPITER ARMY model that is not available at Thinkgeek. WeWood Jupiter Army is made with Guaiaco tree, a native tree in South America and it’s considered as one of the powerful tree that could heal pain and arthritis.

This model has a unique characteristic and design, however, you should keep in mind that due to the season and age of the wood chosen for creating the timepiece, the colors may be darker or lighter than the one shown in the photo.

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