Spiral Egg Holder – Where Art And Groceries Become One

If you are the type that love to buy unique stuff for your home (especially something smell ‘decor’!), you’ll want to check out this new kitchen gadget called Spiral Egg Holder.


It’s pretty self-explanatory. Spiral egg holder is an egg holder, capable of holding 12 Eggs in place and also turning raw food into a decoration. It looks like an art as the eggs will go spiral circling the stainless steel pole.

If you think that all your eggs should end up in the fridge, this Spiral Egg holder will give you another option. Plus, there are people who dislike frozen egg as yolk will taste different. By using this spiral egg holder, they can place their egg externally, and they could also see the date stamped on the eggs easily and choose which one to use first.

The base is heavy to ensure the pole won’t wobble around, so you can place your eggs proudly and safely onto each ring which has been customized to hold an ordinary egg.

This Spiral Egg holder is eggcellent choice for those who love unique look and feel in their kitchen. If you are intersted, it’s available for around $30+ at Amazon.

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