Tasty Mouth Watering Sushi Smartphone Stands

One of the world famous Japanese food called Sushi has been turned into a Smartphone stand where you can let the sushis do its job holding your Smartphone in place.

I’ve seen quite a few of mouth watering gadget twist for tech people. I’ll list them at the end of this article as we are going to look at the latest ‘tasty’ and mouth watering gadget that take the form of Sushi.

Sushi Smartphone Stands

Again, this kind of stuff has been produced by Strapya World, a company that is fond of selling cute, strange and awesome stuffs from Japan. The sushi Smartphone stand is coming in various kinds of realistic sushi models, if I’m not mistaken, there are 8 types of sushi that you can choose from, including: Ebi, Tori, Tamago, Aji, and so on.

Sushi Smartphone Stands - 8 Models

Each of the sushi stand was made by Japanese skillful food sample maker to ensure the sushi in its best shape and as realistic as possible. If you’ve visited Japan, you’ll know that most of their restaurants offers such kind of food sample that will raise their customers’ appetite, even the food is not yet ready for them to taste.

Sushi Smartphone Stands - Realistic Design

Now, Depending on your taste, each of this realistic sushi smartphone stand is about 1680 Yen, or equal to USD21.60. It’s quite expensive in my opinion, however, for fans and those who love unique stuffs, they’ll want to spend those money.

Sushi Stands - Which One Do You Want To Eat First?

Anyway, if you dislike sushi, here are some of the mouth watering collection that I’ve collected in the past few years:

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