Logitech Releases K760 Solar Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard For iOS Devices

Logitech K760 Solar Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Logitech has released the iOS version of their existing solar bluetooth wireless keyboard that would compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac system.

Although their previous K750 solar keyboard has its own Mac version, this new Logitech K760 is coming with a better compatibility with other iOS devices and it’s way smaller because Logitech has excluded the numeric pad.

Logitech K760 vs. Logitech K750 - Size Comparison

Just like the K750, Logitech K760 also coming with the ultra sensitive solar panel above the keyboard layout, that is capable of recharging the juice from lamplight. Which means this wireless solar keyboard will be able to work without the need of contacting with the sunlight for its entire life time. You’ll just need to make sure you’ve got a well lit room and desk lamp near where you put this keyboard.

Logitech K760 is also coming with Logitech’s unique concave key design to let our fingers dance smoothly above the keys without much noises like it would on a mechanical keyboard. The keys layout is also very low, which enable users to type faster and lighter.

Logitech K760 - Side Views

This solar keyboard has its own built-in battery so you don’t have to put an alkaline battery into it. According to Logitech, they say this keyboard can last for 3 months in total dark environment when it’s been fully recharged. However, I won’t believe such claim as it might not work like so in real test. The best promise is that we, as the users, will be able to eliminate recharging the keyboard until the battery drop. You can also ask for replacement if anything should happen inside the 3-year warranty period.

This Logitech K760 solar bluetooth keyboard is available now for pre-order. You can find more details at Logitech if you are interested to get one.

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