ASUS Taichi – A New Dual Display Windows 8 Tablet Laptop Hybrid

In this year’s ComputeX show, ASUS has shown a range of new tablets and laptops that looks very cool and inviting. However, even most of them are excellent, I’m more interested in their ASUS Taichi.


Well, it’s not that the ASUS Taichi will show you how to perform Taichi jutsu or something, it’s merely a name to express its uniqueness. ASUS Taichi is a tablet laptop hybrid because it has come with a dual screen display (stick back-to-back) where you can convert the system into either modes instantly. The above image show you the tablet mode, where the screen is embedded into the lid of the laptop.


This image show you the laptop mode where you can access to the other screen beneath the tablet screen. For a sec, it looks like ASUS is using their popular ZenBook design for this Taichi Hybrid. But what has make it miraculous is the front side display that you can use it as a tablet when closing the laptop lid. Yep, the lid is the tablet running Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 OS. Although there is no detail demo for this new toy, ASUS claimed that Taichi can let the dual display run independently.

The tablet interface is showing you a 11.6-inch Super IPS+ display, while the laptop interface gives you a larger screen to play with at 13.3-inch (also a Super IPS+ display!). Both displays are supporting Full HD 1080p resolution and video playback. Specification wise, ASUS Taichi is coming with Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD, webcam HD camera, dual-band 802.11n WiFi, mini VGA, USB 3.0 ports, micro DVI, a volume rocker and rotation lock button.


The demo video for this ASUS TaiChi also appear in their Open Cloud Computing (OCC) promotional video. You can check it out below to see how ASUS is trying to lead your life with their products!


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