Portable Beach Lounge Chair With Adjustable UV Protected Canopy

Here is a new sun bathing tool for you to use at the beach. A portable lounge chair which has an integrated flat board canopy that you can adjust it’s angle to block sun direct from any angle.


The canopy is secured with dual hinges, can swing forward and tilt up to 90-degree. It also coming with a lock to secure its position to block sun rays. According to the source, the canopy also capable of deflecting up to 99% of harmful UV rays for human eyes, which is much better than wearing a sunglasses with UV protection. Also, since the canopy provide you with shade, you’ll have less difficulty to read your colorful magazine via a tablet PC. Of course, it would be better if you have a Kindle reader. But it’s not necessarily to buy one if you don’t have it anyway.

Another cool feature is the 600-denier polyester surface that is both supportive and breathable. There are lots of holes that allows optimal air circulation. Even you’ve stayed for a long hours on the beach, you can’t really feel the heat at the other side of your body.

Have an overweight body? Well, as long as you are within the limit of 250 lbs, you can use this chair without worry. This portable lounger chair is supported with sturdy lightweight aluminum frame, and a thick form pillow at the neck part to provide comfortable rest. It also fold up to a compact 8 and a half inch wide and could be strapped together in one piece.

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