Gift Boxed Screwpull Lever Wine Bottle Opener

Check out this cool bottle opener made with die cast and zinc plate. It’s one of the best and convenient bottle opener you can find at the store. It features an ergonomic handle and leverage where you can pull with ease, and it has included a stand for tabletop, wall mounting or foilcutter.


It’s been priced $90 at Amazon, which might sounds expensive. However, according to the description, it has been gift-boxed so you can make it as a birthday present for your friends. You can even add personalized messages on the fly and let Amazon ship it to your friend. But if you think it’s expensive, you can get the similar wine bottle opener at around $20 to $50 a pop.

For example, you can check out this most popular wine bottle opener called Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener which has been the highest rated wine bottle opener at Amazon. If you need something similar to the model above, you can check out the MIU France Zinc Alloy Connoisseur Corkscrew Wine Opener. You can gift wrap it by yourself and save almost 50-percent of the money.

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