GoPano 360-degree Panoramic Camera Lens – Available Now For iPhone and DSLR Camera


If you follow our newsletter, you might have seen the first iPhone lens concept developed by Michael that allow user to enjoy panoramic video or photo capturing by using their default iPhone’s camera. This iPhone camera lens is called GoPano Micro when he started his Kickstarter project. This project has been successfully fund a year ago, and now the GoPano company has developed another cool 360-degree lens that is also available for DSLR camera called GoPano Plus.


I’ve missed the launch date of this GoPano Plus, but it’s not too late to introduce it to you. I believe you’ve seen how the GoPano Micro works in the past article, so GoPano Plus is actually the same thing that do 360-degree panoramic video capturing. However, it’s a model for DSLR camera, where DSLR owner should replace it with the existing lens before they can capture whole-circle video/images.

The GoPano Plus is coming with a better mirror with better durability, housed in an aluminum container, and it’s fully protected with a sturdy hourglass-shaped protective case when shipping. Obviously, the pricing for this plus edition is much higher than the GoPano Micro for iPhone 4. The micro version is available right now for $79.95 + shipping, while the Plus version is going to cost you $899 + shipping.

It’s about 10 times higher than the iPhone 4 version, but you can’t blame them to price it high. Considering all the materials used on the GoPano Plus (you can see the details at, I guess it’s all well worth it. Plus, you can secure two special applications for photo and video authoring, too!

You can check out more details at for the software details. But if you think the plus edition is not fitting your budget for now, you can test out their GoPano Micro first. You can either get it directly at Hammacher, or buy them from the official store.

Optionally, you can also check it out at Amazon for a little bit under the MSRP.

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