Ice Cream Sandwich Case For Your iPhone 4

Google is pretty fun when we are talking about how they codenamed their Android OS. Frozen Yogurt, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and so on. Sadly, there is no such thing on iPhone. Well, if you have ever ‘envy’ how tasty the Android OS is (if you are an iPhone fanboy), I guess the only option for you to transform your iPhone 4 into a similar tasty device is by enclosing the device with something like this ICS protective case.


Yes, it’s an ice cream sandwich protective case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It features the tasty and eye-catching design that mask your iPhone 4/4S into a chocolate crackers cramping white ice cream. Sadly, the design is not as realistic as the food samples from Japan, but it should be able to fool someone from afar into thinking that you are holding a tasty ice cream sandwich.

Ice Cream Sandwich iPhone 4, it might sounds like a traitor if you use it (if you are in the iPhone fanboy club!), but it’s nothing special. Just a plain ice cream sandwich dressing for iPhone 4 which has been handmade by Moti Zemelman from Greenfield.


The design was permanently instill into a thin aluminum insert, and permanently stick to the protective case using heating and cooling technique. The case itself is made of hard plastic that could decrease the damage on your iPhone when facing bumps or scratches.


This handmade protective case is currently available via Etsy for just $17.99. Since it’s handmade and sold at Etsy, it might be one of the limited edition type of case that you won’t find it elsewhere because I’ve seen so many cool stuffs sold there are no longer available anymore.

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