Anti Wi-Fi Theft Wallpaper In The Work


We have heard about anti wi-fi paint which could block potential wifi theft who love to steal someone’s wireless internet connection to use. They are rude, but it’s our fault anyway to let the wifi signal accessible anywhere as far a the router can reach. Even the latest WPA2 protection is unable to block the smartest wireless theft in the block who’ve got the tools.

The only option to avoid and disband WiFi theft is by securing the signal in a closed the room, where the wall has been painted with anti wifi theft. However, the good news is that the researchers at the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble (INP) is currently working on a new stuff that will be able to block the wifi signal from leaking out.

They’ve been working on some type of new wallpaper that could block a certain electromagnetic wave frequencies, and prevent them from being sniffed by outsider. What’s cool about this anti-WiFi theft wallpaper is that your cell phones frequencies will not be block or affected at all. You can still make your phone calls regardless how secure the room is.

The wallpaper will also gives us more options to decor the room. For example, I believe once the wallpaper has been successfully researched, it will be available in various kind of ‘flavor’ or design that we can use them to decor the wall and ceiling. Although it’s purely a prediction, I believe they are going to head into that direction.

[via SpringWise][Ahlstrom]

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