Kevlar Survival Cords

Strings these days doesn’t have to be as thick and rough as in the past anymore. A thin and and skinny string is growing stronger by time, so we can eliminate the need to use ultra large and fat “rope” to do stuffs.

Such type of skinny (but strong) string/cord was introduced and known as the “Kevlar Survival Cord”. You’ll love this cord as you’ve no need to carry heavy rope bundle anymore when camping or hiking.


As the picture has suggested, it’s a fragile and thin string that would snap as soon as you’ve put something heavy. But hold on, it’s a Kevlar Survival cord, so it’s different! According to Thinkgeek, this 25 feet cord is capable of resisting up to 200lbs of weight! It won’t break easily and you can easily double the weight limit by adding another string to your heavy stuff.

Kevlar Survival cord is coated with Blue Polyurethane for UV resistance and help against abrasion. Which also means that the cord is capable of withstanding extreme temperature and heat from extreme area or situation.

This 25 feet of cord is as thin as thread — great for you apocalypse-minded knitters! — and has a breaking strength of 200 pounds. It’ll withstand extreme temperatures and is flame-resistant, even the heat of a forum flame war.


Get it for $6.99 at Thinkgeek. It’s the 25 feet version, but if you want to get the longer one, check out Amazon for the 1000 feet Kevlar cord deals: In Orange color or Blue.

[image credit: GeekAlerts]

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