Laser Watch Concepts For Tokyoflash


Love the watch concept on above picture? If so, you might want to take a vote at Tokyoflash website to make it a real stuff. You know, if you are the well-informed type, you may have heard about Tokyoflash’s weird watch designs. In fact, we have covered some of their watch designs in the past and even included them into our hardest to read watches category.

Their watches are always coming with impressive alien-tech mechanism and design that no body can match. We have also seen a few fans submitted designs being turned into a real products in the past. Tokyoflash has become a kind of portal for watch designers to realize their dreams if their design has got a large demand when showed off on Tokyoflash’s blog.

Story aside, the recent interesting watch that come up from the head of designer named Nurdinov from Kyrgyzstan has been featured in the blog asking for votes. It’s a Laser Watch inspired by the movie “In Time” starred by Justin Timberlake.


If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know how the clock was displayed on their arm to show their life time. It’s interesting but it’s also scary when you know when you are gonna die. However, it would be cool if we can get the watch/clock minus the scary stuff.


That is where Laser watch concept come to fit in. Nurdinov pictured that the watch is not appearing from below the skin of wearer, but projected by a techno-bracelet with mini projector. The bracelet is colored in white and gray, it also have a mini time display on the surface to tell time. If you are fancy for its laser watch, a push of button will reveal the time on your lower arm. Beside showing time, you can also let it show what’s date it is by a push of a button.


If you are interested to purchase this type of watch, vote your voice at TokyoFlash blog and hopefully it will become a real watch.

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