C. Crane USB Super WIFI Antenna Boosts Reception Up To 1 Mile Away!

If you are interested to extend your laptop or desktop WIFI reach and willing to pay for it, you might want to check out this interesting wifi extender called C. Crane US3 Super USB Wifi Antenna 3 ($100).


It’s a portable type of WIFI extender and it’s coming with a long USB cable so you can easily find the best spot to receive signals. There is a chance where you can’t access to your home wireless network because of the quality of the modem, or the amount of obstacles blocking the way (walls, objects etc.). With this portable type of super WIFI antenna, you can easily get 4 to full bar of internet connection without moving your laptop around.

It’s exceptionally good for those who love to use their laptop in the park or open space where the there is no Internet connection nearby. What’s cool is that this super WIFI antenna can increase your laptop WIFI reception up to 1 mile away!

Imagine you can access to any free hotspots near your home without going out. It’s very convenient, practical, and obviously you can save money on internet connection. Another cool feature is that this Super WIFI antenna is weather and UV resistant. You can place it up high on your roof (pair up with USB extender device) without much worry that it will break from rain or sunlight.

The Antenna itself has come with a 15 feet USB cable with Y plug to increase the power, a special software, and mounting bundle (suction cups, lanyard, hook, loop and cable tie).

This Super WIFI Antenna is yours for around $100 at Amazon. Go pick one if you need to boost your laptop WIFI reception (not for tablet device though…).

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