Neurowear Necromimi: Brainwave Detecting Cat Ears!


Necromimi, a neko (cat) ear gadget has been launched in Japan last month and it’s been a hot selling stuff. What makes this cat ear interesting is that it’s not only a cute wearable, it also offers brainwave scanner to detect user’s emotion and translate the pattern into a different ear reaction.

If you have pets (cat or dog with standing ear leaves), you’ll know how their ears will react to different events. For example, the ear leaves will close down/lay down when they are relaxing or afraid, or their ear will stand high when happy.


Necromimi will let you have this sort of ear leaves to play with! All you have to do is where it to your head, put the detector on your forehead and it will start detecting your brainwaves. Check out this video demo for more details:

Necromimi has been warm welcomed by the Japanese people thanks to their anime-influences, but I’m sure it would be a nice stuffs for everyone in any part of the world, too. If you are interested to know when it will be available, the company has set the release date for this May 15th, 2012 for the US market, but no idea when it will be available elsewhere.

But wait, surprisingly, Amazon already has them listed for $115! If you would like to get one, you can purchase it at Amazon. At the time of posting this article, there are only 8 left in stock. No idea if it’s only a marketing trick or what, but I think you should act fast if you want it.

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