Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Coat: Walk Down The Summer’s Road Without Sticky Shirt

I was living in the equator area, so I don’t have much experience about how the Summer feels like. However, I do know that walking on the street on a very shiny day will wet my shirt and trouser, It will be the worst case if I’ve to meet important client under such condition.

Japan’s Kuchofuku know this condition well, so they’ve created an interesting solution that you might have never seen before (unless you are an astronaut). They called it the Air-Conditioned Coat, which is the first consumer cooling clothing in form of a nylon jacket with cooling system.


If you’ve a job where you often need to run down to the hot streets, Kuchofuku Air-conditioned coat is very suitable for you.

The coat is made with nylon fabric, long-sleeved and there are two fans with control box (cabled) at the rear side. Once you’ve activated the fans, the nylon fabric will trap the cool air inside and perserving the coolness inside the coat. There are two settings that you can adjust: strong or mild fan speed. Each fans consume about 1.25W, two for 2.5W. According to the merchant page, this air conditioned coat is powered by 4 pieces of AA batteries and it could work continuously for 5 hours.

It’s not a bad idea, but wearer will looks pretty “chubby” as the coat is bloated like a balloon when in use. But if it’s me, I don’t care much about my appearance as long as I could get my job done while feel less heat on the way.

If you are interested to get one, this air-conditioned coat is available in three sizes (Medium (chest 120cm, 47.2″), Large (125cm, 49.2″), Extra Large (130cm, 51.2″)) for US$180 + shipping fee for worldwide shipping.

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