Oregon Scientific Aroma and Sound Therapy Alarm Clock

Previously, I’ve introduced you to the cool light wake up alarm which will knock you out of your lazy bed with illumination alarm. Today, I’ve found another cool alarm clock that you might want to check it out:


This is the new alarm clock from Oregon Scientific known as the Aroma and Sound Therapy alarm clock. It’s not only using light wake up system or sounds to wake you up, it also using nice smells (aroma therapy) in combination with a nature sounds and light system. You’ll wake up “as if” you are in a different relaxing circumstances depending on your mood and feeling, rather than waking up in sulky condition. It’s definitely better than Philips HF3490 wake up light alarm in many ways.

Oregon Scientific is using an advanced ultrasonic vapor diffusing technology to spread the nice smells, and it also coming with a short cylinder of colors that will also delivering soothing color effect if your face is coincidently facing to the alarm.

Specs wise, this Aroma diffuser and sound therapy alarm clock is featuring the following specs:

  • Advanced ultrasonic vapor diffusing technology
  • Digital clock with LCD display for easy reading
  • Relax by aroma, soothing color light and nature sounds
  • Turn off automatically when low water level is detected for safety
  • User friendly design with auto switch-off timer and mist adjustment


You can own this interesting aroma and sound alarm clock for just 99.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer, or get it for much cheaper price via Amazon for just $81.53 (at the time of writing this article – it may chance without prior notice).

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