Suntracking Beach Chair With Full Circle Rotating Base Let You Face The Sun Without Getting Up

I saw that many people has started to use a canopy-equipped beach lounge or chair to block the UV rays from their face. But thanks to the earth rotation, the sun is not coming from one fixed position only. They’ll have to get up once for awhile to re-adjust the canopy or visor and back to their rest, which render to an uncomfortable experience where they’ve to get up often, and can’t sleep/rest for long hour without being disturbed.

You can’t really enjoy the time if the Sun keeps teasing you. But if you want to stay at the beach without those thype of worries, the troubles can be solved by using this INPEX Invention Show’s gold medal winner – the only folding suntracking beach chair with 360-degree rotating base!


You don’t have to worry that the rotating base will be invaded by dirt or sands because it’s been fully protected by a rubber gasket seal. Also, unlike commmon beach lounger, this suntracking beach chair is coming with a short base, integrated canopy and woven polyester seat/backrest for better air circulation. This chair is built from anodized aluminum frame that is durable and strong, has adjustable recliner, a removable pillow on the head part for added comfort, and it also coming with an eco-friendly bamboo armrests.

A pretty cool treat is that it also coming with a cup holder at the right armrest in case you love to sip your favorite beverage while “roasting” your body. It also easy to pack up and strap together for easy transportation. However, don’t underestimate this beach chair and stamp it with “fragile”. According to Hammacher, this chair could hold weight up to 250 lbs (113.4 kg), which is enough to hold one person with average weight.


With this type of chair for your at-the-beach relaxation, you can easily face the sun away by swinging to a different place. No need to fully wake up, just a little push with the foot and you are good to go.

However, if you prefer not to avoid the sun in a fancy way, you can check out the Portable Beach Lounge Chair with a long foot rest (so you can avoid resting your feet on the sand). It also has a hand-adjustable anti-UV canopy to block your face from the sun. The choice is yours!

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