CoolRunnings – Twister Water Cooling System [Concept]

Will this be the too-good-to-be-true type of concept for us? Well, you know, designer Jaehwa Lee has pictured that in the near future, we can enjoy a bottle of cool/lukewarm (or cold) water from a common tap water by just a few shakes!

The designer called this concept as “CoolRunnings” – where the running is pointing at the twister-like cooling system, not that you have to run a few laps for the water to cool down the water.


‘Coolrunnings’ always provides cool water because it employs a twister-system cooling-pin located below the bottle cap. Convection current is faster and because of the twister-like groove it resists more strongly against water than slotted grooves. Water gets cool when shaken because the cooling-pin located in the center accelerates convection. The cap is made of rubber and prevents water from leaking out of the bottle. As the condenser is grooved like a twister, water is affected by the cooling-pin turning more smoothly.

Wait, hold it. The designer was not stating anything about “cold” water in the description. It’s all about a cool or lukewarm water for the Summer days, where it’s sometimes hard to find when you are so actively pursuing pretty gals/lads at the Summer beach!

If this concept could hit the production stage, I’m sure it will be some kind of “a drop of water in the desert” gadget that would help a lot of people curing their thirst.

It’s not that the device could generate water out of the thin air (If it could, that’s better!), but cool water in the bright dry Summer day is like a healing potion when the health is low. It’s so refreshing and taste good, even it’s not sweet or something.

Well, enjoy the concept show. Sincerely hope that the design could become a real stuff, so I can fool my cousins that I can do magic trick turning hot water into cold one by dancing my water bottle in the sky!




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