Conceptone. SC1 Automatic Coffee Machine [Concept]

I’ve always interested with coffee and espresso machine, especially the cool concept with unique design. We have seen one in the past that was made with concrete. It looks fun but still fully functional. Now, new version of concept for coffee machine has appeared by the name of Conceptone. SC1 coffee machine.


It’s definitely conceptual, even the name sounding so much like a concept. But no offense here, I would really love to have or see such kind of coffee machine selling in the market.

Conceptone. SC1 coffee machine is by far the simplest and coolest fully automatic coffee machine. Designed by Nico Tritschler and it is one of the iF Design Talents entry for this year.


The concept is telling us that user will have a hassle free coffee brewing process. It only requires user to put in the beans, filtered water, and a couple of touches to make your own tasty coffee. The modern switchable panel design can easily let owner to pair it up with their kitchen theme. It’s not mentioned anywhere at YankoDesign, but judging from the picture below, Conceptone. SC1 automatic coffee machine will have five face plates to play with (chrome, wooden, black, pink and grey).



The inner space where you can put a mug/glass is capable of holding a double-shot demitasse while leaving a lot of breathing space around it. Also notice that the machine has a large drip tray to hold spills or residues from the nozzle. It will become a nice second choice after Nespresso CitiZ!

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