iDUCK: Cute Duck Beak Phone Stand Can Tidy Up And Hide Headphones

Looking for a nice looking smartphone stand that could functional as something else? I mean, if you are a looking for a multi-purpose phone stand that looks good, you may like this iDUCK phone stand from Knock of Neverland.


It a duck beak shaped phone stand that you can stick it to your phone’s glossy rear plate. The design is pretty fun, like a cartoon similar to Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge. If you are a fans of those characters, then this phone stand will be the best fit to your demand.


What’s cool on this iDUCK phone stand is that you can also use it to manage your earphones’s cable and also as a storage for your earphone. There is an opening at the suction cup section where you can fit in one earphone inside the beak. It’s not a large storage, so don’t try to fit in any unusual or high end earphones with larger cable size similar to Monster Beats.



Another cool addition is the inclusion of emoticon sticker to spice up the duckling’s character on your smartphones!


This iDUCK is available for $19.90. If you love to get one, you can check out more detail at KONstore.

[via Gadgetsin][source: YankoDesign]

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