X-Mini Rave Capsule Speaker With Integrated FM Radio Tuner

Remember the X-Mini Capsule speaker that scream out loud from its small throat? The company has released a new version of X-Mini speaker called X-Mini Rave Capsule speaker.


Similar to its predecessor, X-Mini Rave is shaped like a spring with the audio driver put onto the top of the capsule. What’s new in the Rave series is the inclusion of the FM radio at its base so you can also listen to your local radio channels when no media player is in your possession.


Obviously, similar to all older X-Mini speaker, it has 3.5mm audio-in port for any compatible media player to fit in. That is including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, MID, PMP, and so on. It also has a buddy jack where you can use it to share what you are listening with your friend through its daisy chain system.

Based on the testimonial given by a customer, X-Mini Rave has the maximum battery life of 8 hrs with 2.5w sound output, despite of the claim of 12-hour continuous operation by the company. However, the tested result is a bit better than X-mini Wave series which is at 6 hours battery life only.

If you want one, X-Mini Rave capsule speaker will cost you at MSRP of $50, but you can usually get it much cheaper at Amazon.

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