SOLGRILL: Solar Barbecue Grill Best For Summer

Did you know that you could also BBQ Grill without using charcoal or liquid-type fuel? Recently, I’ve found one cool BBQ gadget call SOLGRILL that could grill your food without setting up any fire beneath the grilling rack!


This is the SOLGRILL or also known as solar barbecue grill. Like what the name has suggested, SOLGRILL will grill your food by using solar energy. There is a big bent mirror/parabolic mirror beneath the grilling zone which let the sun rays focus on the center of the zone where you’ll put your satai/BBQ. It’s pretty much like burning a piece of paper with a magnifying glass. The difference is that you are burning meats and vegetable instead of thin layer of paper.

The cool factor for this SOLGRILL Solar barbecue grill is that you’ve no need to wait for the grill to heat up like you would with charcoal grill. You can grill your food immediately when you’ve expose to the bright sun. There is a transparent grease tray between the grilling spot and parabolic mirror to hold the cooking oil or oil extracted from the meats. You can clean the tray with ease and the oil will never soil the mirror.

solgrill-solar-bbq-grill-parabolic-mirrorThe mirror itself is made with 0.060-inch thick durable and weatherproof material, and it’s hold firmly by an anodized aluminum based and natural wood structure. There is also a tripod stand which you can install/remove at ease for easy transportation.

SOLGRILL solar grill is definitely a nice BBQ tool for the Summer time. However, one major drawback for this tool is that it will rely heavily on the Sun. You can only use it when the sky is clear without cloud block the Sun. Also, you can never use it at night time.

If you love to launch your BBQ party around the evening, then SOLGRILL is a nice tool for you.

You can find it for MSRP of $199, but you can get it cheaper at around $100 at Amazon.

It seems Amazon is out of stock. We can’t find which online retailer selling this item either. You can contact SOLGRILL and ask for information if you want it so badly.

This solar barbecue grill is available in Italy (known as BioGri) for EUR180 + shipping. However, we have no idea if they’d ship to US or not. You can check out more details about it at

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