Illuminated Cocktail Table and Chairs For Summer Poolside Romantic Date

If you have a lot of money to burn (read ‘spend’) and have your own large pool in your backyard, you might consider adding this cool accessories for your poolside decoration.

Illuminated Cocktail Table and Chairs

This is the illuminated cocktail table that will become a nice place to flirting with your girlfriends. Its mesmerizing glows will guarantee to set a good mood to your night dating. The cooktail table and chairs are beautiful and the illumination is not coming in a single color-mode only. You can switch the blue color with red, white, or green light with a click of a switch.

Illuminated Cocktail Table Colors

This illuminated cocktail table is wireless, portable and not as heavy as it look. Since it’s only performing best at the night time, you can turn it off and move it away (i.e. to a storage room) when the sun is striking. But you can also leave it there and made it as a natural unlit cylinder poolside furniture.

They are made with 100% polyethylene and polycarbonate top. Beside it’s scratch resistant and scuff-resistant, they should be able to withstand from bad weather condition.

Illuminated Cocktail Chair Colors

These illuminated cooktail table and chairs are powered by four D batteries and will lit up for around 8 hours. You can save more by getting rechargeable D Batteries where you can recharge it for few hundreds of times before throwing them away. 8 hours is enough to lit your poolside until the next morning. I bet you won’t stay all night long in that single spot, but in case you are planning to launch a crazy party until morning, these table and chairs could be powered by AC adapter as well for unlimited illumination time.

The table and chair is sold separately at Brookstone. For the table itself (complete with the round glass surface) is selling for $799.99, while the chair is selling for $299.99. For a complete set like in the first picture above, you’ll expect to spend around $1,399.97 + shipping. You can also buy it at Amazon separately or as a complete set.

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