ZEVRO Incred’ a Brew Direct Immersion Coffee Maker


Incred-a-brew is the simplest coffee maker I’ve seen after Frenchpress and Handpresso Auto. Frenchpress is for making coffee, while handpresso auto is exclusively for making espresso on the go. If you love to travel around in car, handpresso auto is one of the stuff you should check out.

Anyway, just like Frenchpress coffee maker, Incred-a-brew is an unique coffee maker that utilize the direct immersion brewing process. All you have to do is open up the lit, fill it with a spoon full of coffee powder/ground coffee, fill in boiling water, close the lit and wait for a few minutes.


What’s next? You can lift the Incred-a-brew coffee maker up and place the bottom on a glass like in the picture above, and the coffee will drip down to the glass!

Check out the following video for more details:

Incred-a-brew Direct Immersion Coffee Maker Features:

  • 100% BPA Free Tritan™ polyester coffee brewer
  • Easy to make the most delicious coffee with no mess
  • Removable strainer keeps grounds out of your cup
  • Brews up to 16 ounces
  • Dishwasher safe

The Incred-a-brew Direct Immersion Coffee Maker is perfect for making a solo cup of delicious hot coffee. Simply scoop a your favorite grounds into the large BPA-free chamber, pour over preheated filtered water at 198 to 204 degrees Fahrenheit (just off the boil), and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on whether you like your coffee sweet and mild, or dark and strong. Then, just rest the brewer onto your favorite mug, and watch the patented release valve stream your fresh hot coffee through the filter, leaving the grounds behind, with no bitter sediment in your mug!

If you want one, ZEVRO Incred-a-brew coffee maker is available for $24.99 at Thinkgeek.

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