Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Is Now Available For Pre-Order

A lot of concepts and prototypes have been funded at Kickstarter. Thus, more dreams have become real and currently selling like hot cake thanks to the indirect pre-launching advertisement happening at Kickstarter. We have covered quite a lot of them as well, but I kinda miss this one – the Zooka Bluetooth speaker.


It was at the Kickstarter’s care last February that turned out to be a successful project. The creator has been funded and they are working their way to produce the Zooka Bluetooth speaker. You can still take a look at what it is at the Kickstarter page, but just let me give a short introductionary.

Zooka bluetooth speaker is a portable speaker for either tablet or laptop/netbook. It is not a speaker that deliver bazooka-like sounds that will blow your house away, but has the ability to fill your room anyway by multiplying the original sounds. According to the creator, Zooka can boost the onboard tablet speaker as much as 5 times. Also, the shape of Zooka is like a little cylinder bar with slot where you can slip in your tablet PC or laptop screen. Check out the following image for the example when using on a laptop:


Zooka bluetooth speaker, like the name has suggested, it is using wireless bluetooth connection to hook up with your iPad/tablet, laptop, or any other bluetooth enabled devices. What’s cool is that it will function as a speakerphone, too! It’s mean that when you’ve got a phone call, Zooka Bluetooth Speaker will make sure that you can hear it loud and clear, even you are currently playing music.

As for a speaker phone, the obvious feature that will come with Zooka speaker is an integrated microphone. It will let you have a nice loud and clear chatting session with your friend through Skype or any other VoIP softwares.

This Zooka Bluetooth speaker is available now to pre-order for $99.95. You can choose from 8 vibrant color series to suit your taste.


[Product Page][via SlashGear]

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