spnKiX Wearable Motorized Electric Roller Skates

If you are a regular visitor to Kickstarter website, you may have seen or even have pledge on the so call wearable motorized electric roller skates, or also known as spnKiX (read: spanKick).

Well, if you haven’t seen it, you don’t really need to feel up-sad about it as it’s now available in the market! It’s not a prototype anymore, but a fully purchasable goodies for your summer fun on the street.


spnKiX was designed by Peter Treadway from LA and his project has been successfully funded back in February 2012. Backers of his project have received their goods a month later and now it’s time for us the consumer to enjoy the mobility of spnKiX!

As a quick introduction, spnKiX motorized electric roller skates is a revolutionary gadget for the mass. People can eliminate the hassle of wearing the usual heavy roller skates because spnKiX allow user to simply strap the skates on over their shoes without removing them first. It’s practically similar to a ski boots as it also coming with dual fasteners to secure your feet in place with the skates. If you are as lazy as the llama, you can also use it to substitute walking!


spnKiX can let you have an effortless skating experience for 40 minutes continuously per full charge, and it can speeding up to 8 mph. It’s equal to covering up to 5-6 miles on each full charge. If Peter decided to sell the removable battery as well, you can cover more miles with spnKiX skates.


Here is the features and tech specs of spnKiX electric skates:

  • Dimension (each): Width = 9″, Height = 10.5″, Length = 9.5″
  • Materials: Rugged Fiber reinforced Nylon frame + Aluminum
  • Tires: Smooth-rolling 6-inch rubber tires
  • Batteries: Rechargeable lithium – 40 minutes usage time, 5- hours recharge time
  • Max Speed: up to 10mph (theoretically) – 8mph (real test)
  • Shoe Sizes that fit into spnKiX:
    • Men 6-14 (US/CA) 38.5-46 (EURO) 5.5-13.5(UK); 24-31.5(JP)
    • Women 7-15.5(US/CA) 37.5-48.5(EURO) 4.5-13 (UK); 23-31(JP)
  • Recommended Age: 16 yrs old +

spnKiX is a fun roller skates if you have pile of cash to spend in this Summer time. Sadly, there is no version for kids right now. Perhaps there will be one in the future, but no idea if Peter would make one anyway. Which means you can’t ride it with your children if they are not 16 years or older.

As for the pricing, because it’s now a retail version, you won’t be able to get the early bird price anymore. For the retail version, Hammacher Schlemmer has it listed for $699.95 with their amazing lifetime warranty.

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