BuckyBalls BuckyBigs XL Magnetic Building Spheres


Have you played buckyballs before? If you have, you might love them as much as I do. It’s nothing cool but a bunch of magnet balls sticking each other. But what’s make it a great fun is that you can use it to form many type of structure or use it for many purposes (i.e. fridge magnet, to pick up needle in the crack, to be a small magnet generator and more!).

However, due to its small size, you might lost them easily when playing around. If you’ve ever wish to get a larger version of Bucky balls, there is a great news for you. Thinkgeek has just stocked the XL version of BuckyBalls called BuckyBalls BuckyBigs XL.


BuckyBalls BuckyBigs XL is coming in a pack of 4 magnetic building spheres instead of the usual 125 balls per pack. Well, it’s pretty obvious because if they stuff in 125 of BuckyBigs XL, you’ll have to spend $235+ and the packaging will be heavy and huge (each sphere is 25mm in diameter)!

But if you are really interested to get that many, no one is holding you back! :)


We were working in the lab (late one night), when we started fidgeting with some BuckyBalls while we were thinking. Unfortunately, we also bumped a few switches and gamma radiation flooded the room. The BuckyBalls grew to FIVE times their original size!! So, we did the only thing we could think of – we packaged them up as BuckyBalls BuckyBigs XL Magnetic Building Spheres.


Ok, so BuckyBalls BuckyBigs XL Magnetic Building Spheres aren’t really radioactive or anything, but they are really five times the size of regular BuckyBalls. You get eight per package (carrying case, too), and are only limited by your imagination. By themselves, BuckyBalls BuckyBigs XL Magnetic Building Spheres are a great way to build some XL shapes and stuff, and even feel soothing just rolling around in your hands (kinda like magnetic Baoding balls). And hey, they play great with all the other BuckyBall products, so you can go crazy! BuckyBalls BuckyBigs XL Magnetic Building Spheres – because sometimes you just need bigger balls.

BuckyBalls BuckyBigs XL Magnetic Building Spheres Features:

  • Super powerful magnetic balls for you to play with.
  • Make sculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, jewelry . . . the joy is endless.
  • 8 BuckyBigs per set.
  • Each set comes with a carrying case too.
  • For adults only. – These are so super strong, they should be kept away from children.
  • Magnet Grade: Y30BH
  • Dimensions: BuckyBigs are 25mm in diameter (regular BuckyBalls are 5mm in diameter, for comparison)


If you are interested, you can get them at Thinkgeek for $14.99 per 8 spheres. You’d have to buy 16 packs if you need to have 125 spheres to create your unique piece of building…

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