Bed Fan With Wireless Remote Control To Stuck Cool Breezes Into Your Hot Summer Bed

Dislike of using air-conditioner in the hot Summer season? I would think it as a rare case as nobody could really have a nice sleep in their room if it’s hot like hell. However, if you are sensitive to the fake air conditioning temperature, the only solution to make the room as cool as possible is to use a high power fan. However, for some people who’ve been trained to wear a blanket or snug into the bed covers, such high power fan can’t even blow through them. You’ll have a bad night going back and forth to remove the cover when you are feeling too hot and reapplying the blanket when it’s cold. How can you have a good sleep if you are in this condition?

However, the good news is that, Brookstone has one special bed fan that would troubleshoot this problem. They simply call it the Bed Fan with wireless remote control.


This bed fan allow users to adjust the fan to blow into the layer of sheets or between the cover and sheet to circulate the air inside the bed, to where you need it the most. You’ll definitely feel much better than having strong winds blasting from outside (especially when using strong power standing fan).

Perfect for couples with different preferences!
Some people sleep hot under only a sheet. Others want layers of blankets. And there are others who sleep hot and cold – they’re often convicted in the morning of stealing the covers or kicking them to the bottom of the bed. Bed Fan to the rescue. It sits at the foot or side of the bed and keeps cool, fresh air moving between your top and bottom sheets. Position the Bed Fan to one side, or in the middle for both sleepers. Or buy two – one for each of you. Choose your level of cool with the wireless remote.

Bed Fan’s wireless remote sits on the nightstand for easy-to-reach adjusting.
Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included), the wireless remote is backlit upon touch so you can see it as you adjust it at night. It controls the powerful dual fans that move up to 680 feet of air a minute dispersing built-up body heat under the sheets. You’ll sleep comfortably all night long as the the Bed Fan blows a refreshing breeze. If you wake up too warm, simply adjust the fan with the wireless remote. Twist the top to increase or decrease the fan’s intensity. With the remote at your bedside, you can adjust it without getting out of the covers—helping you get back to sleep faster.


Adjustable! Bed Fan fits your bed frame and mattress height.
The dual-fan reversible base draws air from under the bed or face it outward for platform bed frames that sit on the floor. Once your base is positioned, adjust the height to clear the top of your mattress. The fan’s height extends an additional foot from its shortest position to accommodate taller beds and thicker mattresses. Adjustable tabs along the sides notch and lock to hold the height in place.

It virtually disappears under the covers.
The slim profile of the Bed Fan is designed to fit between the footboard and the mattress. Since it’s flat against (and no taller than) the bed, you can drape your blankets and comforters over it. When the bed is made, no one knows it’s there. Yet, at night, as you slip between the sheets, you’ll definitely know it’s there. You’ll feel the cool, refreshing breeze keeping you comfortable under the sheets so you can sleep better all night long.


This Bed Fan with wireless oversized remote control is available for $100 at Amazon and Brookstone. If you think it’s a good solution for your problem, take one today!

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