Single Handed Texting on Smartphones Made Easy With FlyGrip

Have you ever want to text on your smartphone single-handed without worrying that the phone will slip away from your hand? a new gadget called FlyGrip would be able to help you if you want to experience a better single-hand texting.


Flygrip will add some sort of finger clip behind your smartphone where your fingers can slip in to hold the smartphone. You’ve no need to grab the phone as a whole anymore with your palm and fingers. Thus, Flygrip set your thumb as free as possible and you can type on your smartphone with less restriction.

FlyGrip has a clamps loaded with spring, so even if you don’t clip the grip strongly with your fingers, your phone will not slide away from your hand. When not inuse for texting, FlyGrip also act as a mini stand to watch movie in both landscape or portrait mode.

The only question is whether FlyGrip can install on an iPhone/smartphone with a case or not. Bad news is, FlyGrip will not be able to use on a smartphone with case other than from their own. With each purchase of FlyGrip for $30, you’ll also get one free complimentary case with the color of your choice. There are 16 colors for the complimentary case, while FlyGrip is offered in 8 basic colors like the following:


If you are interested to have a risk-free single-handed texting with your smartphone, FlyGrip is the answer. More detail of this handy tool is available at FlyGrip website.

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