Little Buddha Mini-Asia MiniGod Portable Speaker

ASIA MiniGod - Gold Buddha Portable Speaker

This cute little Buddha is a cool portable speaker designed by Marka27 (together with BicPlastics). It’s standing at 5.5-inch tall, Bobble-head style of modern Buddha sculpture stuffed with speaker drivers on its rear side and another one at its belly.

According to the claim, this little Buddha has featured a big sound to deliver the holy preaching and sermons, kind of like the X-Mini speaker that has small throat but can scream out aloud.

Buddha MiniGod speaker is made with vinyl material, has internal rechargeable battery that could last for 2.5 hours per charge, and compatible with any multimedia players (iPod, iPhone, PMP, tablet, laptop, MID, etc.) that come with the common 3.5mm headphone jack connection.

minigod-mini-asia-black-buddha-speaker-5-inch-tallBUDDHA Mini-Asia MiniGod Speaker features:

  • Mini Jack cable
  • 100 / 240 V AC Adapter
  • 2.5 Hour rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 4 Ω Power Speaker
  • 10 Ω Tweeter
  • ON and OFF Switch
  • LED lights
  • ABS Speaker Protector
  • Three points of articulation

This little Buddha MiniGod Portable speaker is available in two limited editions. The one you saw just now is the gold edition, available for 100 units only for $159.95 at Amazon.

ASIA MiniGod - Gold Buddha Portable Speaker - Overview

Another version is the Black Buddha model, which is also available for a limited 100 units, but it’s sold at a much cheaper price mark at $49.95 than the gold version. It’s also available at Amazon, but there is only 2 left in stock. If it’s sold out, your only option is to get the gold model.

ASIA MiniGod - Black Buddha Portable Speaker - Overview

[image courtesy: MiniGods]

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