Samsung ES9000 75-inch Smart TV – The New Standard For The Smart People

Blame it on humanity’s greedy habit of never satisfied with everything they have, it has motivated Samsung into creating bigger HDTV on each year, and surpassing all of its existing produce line. We have seen their coolest 55-inch and 65-inch LED TV last year, but the Wow-effect is not stopping there. Recently, Samsung has just released yet another mind blowing LED Smart TV (codename: ES9000) under their Series 9 product line, with the new size of 75-inch to blow your mind!


If you have a projector as your TV at home, you might won’t feel a thing with 75-inch screen. However, for those who’ve been playing with the type of 21-32-inch TV, it’s indeed a massive stuff for them. They’ll sitting in front of the 75-inch beauty with their jaws dropped as low as possible!

Fine, kidding aside, Samsung released this ES9000 75-inch Smart TV in South Korea as a device beyond a mere HDTV. You can actually call it as a smart computer with massive screen as it’s not just a casual big screen TV anymore. If you’ve ever feel the might of their existing Smart TV, I believe you’ll love this ES9000 as well.

It has come with the same SMART functionality, plus it has come with dual core processor to process the task like a mini computer. Absolutely, Samsung ES9000 supports Full HD 3D playback, can go to the web via WIFI, sharing with DLNA certified devices, working as a smartHub, a working retractable HD camera for video chat with friends and the intuitive motion sensing control for RC-less navigation.

Price wise, Samsung plans to sell the ES9000 75-inch Smart TV for 19.8 million Korean Won, which is around $17,000+ in US dollar. Well, massive stuff for massive pile of Benjamins. This smart TV has available in Korea, so if you’ve got the money to spend on this luxurious toy, you can fly to Korea to get one.

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