GOAL Zero Yeti: The Portable Solar Generator Kit

Eventually, everyone is going to enjoy the free power provided by the Sun for any home appliances we’ve got in our home in the near future. The solar panel technology is developing at a rapid-pace and the price is also flowing down significantly.

However, in this transition time, for those who’ve got interested with solar gadget and technology are left with no choice but to purchase them expensively. For a casual home, it might cost over $20,000+ to fully transform the roof into solar panel roofing and getting a big battery that could be used for home appliances and electronic at night time, or when the sun is blocked by bad weather condition.


Such big investment might not suitable for small household as it will create a heavy debt for the family. One of the solution is to get a smaller type of portable solar panel that they can use it for a handful of appliances without forking a lot of money.

The most interesting portable solar panel system we have found on the online retailer is this Portable Solar Power Generator:


This is GOAL Zero YETI, the new type of generator that could generate power from Solar panel modules that are separated from its main body. Unlike the ordinary power generator that uses gas or propane, this portable solar power generator will not make any noisy sounds or emit noxious fumes that is bad for health. The best of all, this type of solar power generator is portable (you can bring it anywhere with your car), unlike the ordinary solar system which has to stay loyal with the roof.


This generator will generate energy from the Sun through its two 30-watt monocrytalline solar panels that you could install them outdoor while leaving the generator to be used indoor. They call it “YETI” because it’s the largest model in their product line (check out the funny comparison of YETI vs YETI). To go even more detail, they call it YETI 1250 (Extreme) edition that could provides 1200-watts of battery power continuously until all of the energy depleted.

The official site at Goal Zero is not mentioning about how long it could last per full charge, but a customer who’ve got his hand dirty with this YETI was stating that the generator ran his full size stainless steel refrigerator for 15 hour straight.

Afterward, we have found more information at Hammacher saying that the GOAL ZERO YETI is capable of power up a fridge for 4 days straight, a television for 35 hours, laptop for 30 hours straight. It’s quite amazing and useful if there is an emergency blackout for few days. You can obviously make use of it to light up your home, power up essential appliances and even continue your work (if you are a home based business owner).

There are three AC standard US outlets (110V AC 60Hz pure-sine wave) available to use directly without going through any converter, unless you’ve got a plug using standard from other region.


To let you know the estimated power left in the battery, there is an integrated LCD panel to show you battery meter, as well as the wattage of input and output. Beside receiving energy from the included dual solar panels, you can also plug it into the AC outlet and let it recharge for a lesser time. Based on the data provided by the merchant, the solar panels are capable of recharging the YETI in 20-24 hours. By using AC outlet, the time is cut down to 16 hours only. However, that is not a green living anymore.

Luckily, if you think the recharging time is too slow (when using the included solar panels), you can chain up to 8 solar panels at once to speed up the recharging time to no more than a few hours of wait. The Boulder 30 Solar Panel is chain-able, and even the battery is chain-able as well. Feeling that 1200w is not enough for your need? Add another one for 2400w!

This Portable solar generator is really interesting and could be the best gadget of 2012 in eco-living.

If you are interested to invest in this solar power generator, you can read more details at GOAL ZERO website. It’s also available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $2000, with each extra solar panel module to cost $239.95.

Alternatively, if you’ve been a fans of shopping at Amazon, you can also get this GOAL Zero YETI 1250 for just $1,793.99 (about $200+ lower than MSRP). Meanwhile, the Boulder 30 Solar panel is also priced at the same price as Hammacher at $239.95.

Estimated price for the full set of solar panel (8 pieces) and the solar generator:
$1,793.99 + $1,439.7 (6 pieces of extra solar panels) = $3,233.69

If you are going for a camping or outdoor activity, this portable solar generator is definitely the best power tool that will not break the fun!

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