Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 Flash Drives


kingston-datatraveler-locker-g2-flash-drive-3Kingston has just released their new series of DataTraveler Locker+ USB Drive known as the Locker+ G2. This flash drive is coming with a hardware encryption and a password manager that could store up to 20 accounts. Each time when accessing the flash drive, you’ll be asked to enter your login name and password. The Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 will automatically reformat itself (destroy all data) if it has detected 10 invalid logins attempted.

It’s kind of double-edge sword because if you (as the owner) forget about the login password, doom is upon your side because you are unable to retrieve the data as well. You have to make sure to remember it well, or keep the password safe somewhere else.

For the design, Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 is featuring stylish durable metal casing with built-in key loop for installing strap or keychain. Sadly, this new version is using separated cap to protect the USB connector. This also means that you’ll have to be extra careful with the cap or you’ll going to lose it easily.


As for the performance, Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 flash drive is capable of running at 10MB/s when reading, while it’s half the speed at 5MB/s when writing data into the flash drive. The capacity of this new Locker+ G2 is available from the smallest 4GB to the largest 32GB. All of them are backed with Kingston’s five-year warranty and free technical support. You can find more details about this flash drive at their DATA SHEET.

Interested to buy? These flash drives are available right at Amazon with the following details:

  • DATATraveler Locker+ G2 4GB – MSRP $18
  • DATATraveler Locker+ G2 8GB – MSRP $21
  • DATATraveler Locker+ G2 16GB – MSRP $37
  • DATATraveler Locker+ G2 32GB – MSRP $82

There might be a nice discount if you are lucky.

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