Rumor: Amazon Same-Day Delivery – No More Days Of Waiting?

Although it sounds too good to be true, but there is a rumor saying that Amazon is going to provide a crazy same-day delivery, which is even crazier than their Free Super Saver Shipping and One-Day shipping options.


Amazon has been quite the crazy with their stuffs lately (the tablet, the ereader, associate banning, etc.), and this rumor just in time to add up to all of the craziness. I couldn’t believe a same day delivery unless I’m living in the same area where Amazon deliver their stuff, and luckily, the product is stored in the same location as well. Unless they’ve got some kind of Santa Claus’ vehicle to deliver gifts to all kids in the world in the same night, I’ll say it’s impossible for now.

I know that Amazon might/could work with local merchants as a team to do this job, but I’m sure no one could ‘guarantee’ a same-day delivery if they’ve already got too many orders or pending orders to worry about. The rumor is stating that Amazon will set up a distribution centers across the US to execute their same-day delivery plan. However, I think this rumor plainly crazy as there is no guarantee that each distribution center will have the exact same product stored in the warehouse.

Well, I’m not really understand how the warehouse system work, but I guess I’ll will always welcome such kind of feature. In fact, I believe nobody will reject this amazing shipping options. No one love to wait for days to get their stuffs anyway…

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