Adonit Jot Touch – The New Pressure Sensitive Stylus For iPad

For iPad users who’ve been envying Samsung Galaxy Note users, soon you’ll be able to draw on your iPad with pressure sensing stylus as well!


Adonit, the company who’ve been producing high accuracy stylus for iPad and other capacitive tablet has just announced their new product called Jot Touch. This new stylus is all about the pressure sensitive interface and combination of apps for iPad. The stylus will let iPad users draws lines not only with impressive precision, it also let your bolding the strokes by pressing gently.

“Adonit Jot Touch is the next step in the stylus evolution. Not all lines are created equally, so Jot Touch provides pressure sensitive input to deliver more accurate interpretations of your strokes. Using Bluetooth technology, Touch communicates with Jot Ready apps to give you a deeper experience. Two programmable shortcut buttons makes it easy to undo a mistake or change tools. Even if an app is not Pressure Sensitive, you still have the most accurate stylus around. Jot Touch is what we always dreamed the pen of the future would be.”

Let’s see how this stylus pen work in the following video:

Since it’s running with bluetooth connection, the stylus pen has some sort of internal rechargeable battery to keep the pen functional. However, recharging this stylus pen is very easy because it has come with a special ‘USB dock’ where you can charge the pen using your laptop or available USB socket in your power outlet.


Another great news is that the Addonit Jot Touch stylus pen will work even you’ve applied a screen protector on your iPad’s screen. However, the stylus did come with incompatibility with some brands because they increased the friction, e.g.:

  • Zagg Glossy Invisible Shield (but Smudge-Proof Invisible Shield works well)
  • Ghost Armor
  • Bodyguardz
  • Skinomi
  • Wrapsol

This stylus pen is not yet available, but it should hit the store pretty soon. Sadly, Adonit haven’t announced anything about the pricing and color choices. If you are interested to know more about the concept, you can head on over to Adonit website.

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