BB Little Garden Concept For Growing Herbs Indoor

BB Little Garden, supposedly the next gen solution for modern people to grow their favorite herbs or plants indoor. The problem with nowadays home is the lack of private garden, or no place to place soil like what our granny’s backyard have in the village.

The solution is to get something like the one who’ve introduced you in the past – the AeroGarden. However, if you think that device is a little bit chubby for your kitchen, this BB Little Garden will be the one that people will use in the future because the dimension is much smaller and tidier.



BB Little Garden is, well, a little garden where you have three pots to plant your favorite herbs/plants indoor. Its design is the match the modern style furniture, so you can safely place it anywhere and act it as a decoration. Since the sun will not be able to access to your indoor (unless you’ve got an unique sun-bathing home), Designer Francois-Xavier Martouzet has put a minimalist LED light above the pot as the substitution to sun light.


BB Little Garden is a mini herb garden for cooking. Subject minimalist and clean design with an LED light, it allows herbs, souls of many dishes, to find their place in the kitchen and to develop as in their natural environment. To feel and smell the plants, the BB Little Garden is equipped with a “scraper” that can touch, feel, taste and plants to awaken all the senses. And that the experience offered by BB Little Garden is accessible to all, the room used to scrape the leaves is the name of the plant in Braille.


Sadly, we have no info on when this BB Little Garden will be available in the retail store. If you are interested to know more, you can find more photos and info at the designer page over here.

via [YankoDesign]

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