Coffeebrewer: Brewing Coffee Has Never Been Easier!

growerscup-coffeebrewerGrowerscup has new coffee solution for the fans. Instead of recommending coffee addicts to buy their coffee and brew themselves using an expensive machine, the company is offering an all-in-one solution called “Coffeebrewer”.

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, CoffeeBrewers is unique because all you need to make a cup of tasty coffee is inside the eco-friendly package. What’s missing is hot water for the brewing process, no need for a big bulky machine to brew the ground coffee anymore.

Th Coffeebrewer is a revolutionary package in which you can brew the coffee directly inside the package. According to Growerscup, their Coffeebrewer is a hybrid system between filter dripmaker and french press. Inside the package you could find a 26 grams properly ground coffee, and it’s not just a common ground coffee you’d found in the market. It’s the World’s finest specialty coffees, roasted at their own micro roastery. With CoffeeBrewer, all you need to do is strip open the package, pull out the sideways string, add some hot water, reseal with the integrated zipper, wait 6-8 minutes, pour it to your demitasse and it’s done! No more priming a machine or heating pot at the stove!


Check out the following video for more details:

Each Coffeebrewer is good for 3 cups of coffee. Once it’s been used, it can be safely throw away without leaving carbon footprint. Based on the description on the official site, Coffeebrewer is not using any aluminum material in the package. The pouch/package is made from:

7.7 g PE, 1.6 g PET and 6.8 g paper coming from reforested Swedish woods. PE consists of coal (C) and hydrogen (H2), which are naturally a part of our environment and therefore they are not harmful to the environment.

Thus, in a greater lifestyle context the carbon footprint of the Coffeebrewer is very insignificant. For example 1 flight from Europe to America can be translated into a carbon footprint of roughly 300.000 Coffeebrewers. That said, it does not negateour responsibility to nature – and we will continue to take
responsible initiatives and actions to reduce our carbon footprint.


The CoffeeBrewer will be available in various taste and mildness and the packaging is also different. However, I couldn’t find anyone selling this cool coffeebrewer in the online retailers. If you’ve got a source, please comment below so I can add it to this article.

For now, if you are interested to read more details about Grower’s Cup CoffeeBrewer, you can visit their official website.

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