Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Short Commercial Video Spotted


Although Samsung has not giving out any details of their Galaxy Note 10.1, they already have a new promotional video for this new tablet. Samsung has made most of us doubt of this tablet, whether it will coming in this year, or never coming out anyway.

However, the video below has set a firm foot that the tablet is not a vaporware and will be released as one of the most amazing stylus pen-equipped tablet PC for the professionals and designers. Check out the following for the 30-seconds commercial video:

If the tablet working smoothly like the above video, this could proved that the screen is much more responsive than the existing Galaxy Note. Notice how fast the lines form exactly after the man drawn the circles and lines. I’m certainly interested to see the performance of the actual device. Sadly, Samsung is still staying quiet regarding the launching date and pricing for this new tablet.

UPDATE: Ops, it seems the video has been taken down due to copyright problem. However, it should be a nice indicator that Samsung is going to release this new toy to the public soon! August should be the right time for them to announced the updated Galaxy Note 10.1 that comes with quad core CPU and built-in pressure sensitive stylus pen. Can’t wait for it!

via [GeekyGadgets]

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