Arctic Charger Pro 4 Rev.2 USB Charger

With the increasing needs of USB charging port beside the one from our laptop and desktop PC, it has driven a lot of manufacturer to produce standalone USB charger adapter so that people can charge their gadget in portable manner. You’ve no need to open a laptop or desktop when trying to charge your smartphone, or don’t even have to buy an expensive mobile battery backup for recharging your mobile gadget. Except you are not in a position where you can easily find a power outlet for recharging, a USB charger is very practical and could recharge your gadget much faster.

Here is a new ideal universal USB charger by Arctic. We have seen quite a lot of USB charger, but this Arctic Charger Pro 4 Rev.2 is the best in term of portability and usability.


Arctic Charger Pro 4 (Revision 2) is coming with 4 USB ports that allow you to charge 4 USB gadgets simultaneously. Do not underestimate this little guy here, this charger has featured trio-protection: short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection, which are the best insurance to recharge your device worry-free.

Unlike its first model, this Revision 2 did come with a better look by blending orange strip into the body and USB ports. Also, it has come with three different plugs (EU, US and UK) that is perfect power charger for frequent travelers and home users. You can charge your device wherever you are, from US, Europe, Asia or even Africa.


This Arctic Charger Pro 4 Rev.2 USB charger is available right now for $29.90 directly on Arctic official site. But soon it will hit all popular online retailers with a much cheaper pricing. As a bonus, Arctic has bundle one free mini travel bag that allow you to store the Charger Pro 4 Rev.2 along with all of the extra plugs in one place. It’s a handy little black bag that will save your from messy situation.

Also, you can check out the first revision of Arctic Charger Pro 4 USB charger at Amazon for just $17.99, but only with US plug alone.

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