Scythe Open-Air PC Case Is Like A Crystal House

Scythe’s latest PC case is an all new interesting chassis that is built from 5mm thick crystal clear acrylic. Scythe call this PC case as Open-Air chassis, which gave us the idea of natural cooling system without the need of enclosed air circulation like any walled PC cases. Scythe Open-Air case has no such thing as wall because the main idea is being “open” to the air, or exposed entirely without something blocking.


At the first look, I thought it was a transparent acrylic TV stand, but thanks to the measurement details, I can finally erase the TV stand idea in my mind. This Scythe Open-Air PC case is measuring at 368 × 270 x 347 mm, kind of cube-like and it’s weighing in 2.6 kg only, despite of its solid and thick looking.


Scythe Open-Air PC case is designed for ATX, Mini ATX and Micro ATX motherboards, and could accommodate large tower cooler of up to 190mm. The motherboard will be placed on the top shelf (the empty space with horizontal acrylic bar), while the lower shelf is made for fitting in three 5-inch bays (optical drives, overclocking devices, etc.), three 3.5-inch bays for three regular size HDDs and two 2.5-inch bays for mobile HDDs or SSDs.


What’s make this PC case special is freedom of tweaking the systems without the need to mess with the PC case itself. Users could easily replace, adding or removing components directly without removing cases, and the open-Air concept also allow plenty of air circulation around the systems. Heck, you can even use a big fan blowing from outside if you do afraid that your system will running hot with the default cooling system.

This type of PC case is a great tool for bench testing and hardware geeks, where they’ve got to meddle with new components and testing as their jobs.

Since this PC case didn’t come with extra features such as USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, audio or extra fans included, you can pay rather cheap for it. According to our source, when Scythe Open-Air PC case available, it would selling for around $85 or so.

[via Fanless Tech]

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