Separate Yolk and Whites Made Easy With Egg Separator [Concept]

Brilliant designer Tommy Hawes has come up with the solution to break egg shell, and separate egg white from the yolk in one easy swift twist. He called this concept as a plain “Egg Separator”, no offence, but I’m sure it should carry a better and cooler name for it.


If you’ve ever try the traditional method of white-yolk separation, you’ll now how our hands will get dirty of the egg whites and sometimes if you are not careful, the yolk will burst and you’ll end up wasting one egg. Even worst, if you are a clumsy beginner, you might not be able to beautifully crack open the egg shell, and the separation process might be a troublesome task.

That is why I think this Egg Separator is amazing. Beside it can crack open the egg shell beautifully in one twist, the yolk and egg whites are collected in instant by a simple turn to the other side. It’s a perfect tools for beginner that do not want to liter their hands with egg shells and the sticky egg whites.

Check out YankoDesign and Tommy Hawes website for more details on this concept.

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