Plextor M5 Pro Series Solid State Drive


Plextor just outed one new SSD known as M5 Pro Series. This series is a new high performance SSD with amazing read and write speeds, which according to the report, is capable of speeding at the level of 540MB/s and 450MB/s.

This Plextor M5 Pro Series SSD also offering better data reliability and protection, and its 94,000/86,000 IOPS is certainly an interesting score (Common SSD has around 20,000 IOPS, while high end SSD similar to Corsair Force Series GT is around 85,000 IOPS.)

Plextor M5 Pro SSD also featured the latest Marvell 88SS9187 Monet controller, and it will be available in three different capacities:

  • 128GB
  • 256GB
  • 512GB

“The M5 Pro is the next step in the evolution of the SSD combining high speed, drive reliability, and data-level protection. In recent years, Plextor has been able to develop SSDs that deliver high real-world performance and sustained speed over the long-term. Our SSDs have the lowest annual failure rate in the consumer SSD industry. Now with the M5 Pro, we aim to use Plextor’s abilities to offer extreme data protection and give users total confidence in every single aspect of their drive.” — Minnie Lin, Plextor Marketing Manager

Plextro M5 Pro SSD will be released in the middle of August with no pricing details. You can expect to pay around the edge of a high-end SSD price.

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