Nice Portable Speaker For Biker By Yu Haibo [concept]

There is one interesting concept on Yanko for biker who love to listen to their favorite music while biking their way to their destination. However, most of them are using headphones that blocks noises from outside. But you know, hearing to music while biking is pretty dangerous, as dangerous as playing smartphone while walking in the street. Have you ever seen the video Girls Fall In Mall Fountain while texting?

I believe that biking while hearing to music with headphones is as dangerous as texting. You wouldn’t know something coming from behind or sideways as you are focusing on biking ahead and can’t hear clearly what’s happening around you.

The only safe way to hear music while biking is to put a external portable speaker on your bike, and let it tune out loud. It won’t block out essential noises that come from the environment, and you can both enjoy biking and music at the same time. Plus, people near you can also enjoy your music. It’s nothing better then sharing the joy with others!


The concept on YankoDesign is a nice looking portable speaker designed by Yu Haibo. Similar to any bicycle speaker you can find in the store, it featured an easy attachment to bike’s handle bar, and it has a 360-degree rotatable speaker head. There is no much detail offered by the designer regarding this portable speaker, so I can’t say anything about the availability or where you can get one.


The shape is definitely cuter than most bicycle speaker found at Amazon. But I doubt it could scream out loud with its small audio driver.

soundshell-bike-speakerIf you are looking for portable speaker that could scream out loud (with quality), SoundShell version should be pretty a nice choice.

Overall, designer Yu Haibo has done a great job concepting cute portable speaker for biker. Not only it’s nice looking, it also has a convenient control at the top of the body to allow single hand control while biking.

[via YankoDesign]

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