Mini Xplus Android Mini PC, Enhanced and Relaunched as Your New Tool To Turn ‘Stupid TV’ Into Smart TV

Can’t afford to get a smart TV? No worry, in fact, your common HDTV is smart enough. With a little tool like this Mini Xplus Android Mini PC, you can turn it into a smart TV in no time (minus the motion tracking function, of course!)


This is Mini Xplus Android 4.0 Mini PC, an enhanced version of the Mini X PC that was halted because of overheating problem. This new revised model is coming with Google Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich OS for best performance. If you’ve never play with an Android 4.0 devices (smartphone or tablet), I believe you’ll like this one.

Specification wise, this Mini Xplus is carrying Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 CPU with 512MB RAM and 4GB NAND Storage. The creator also said that they are going to offer a 1GB RAM version pretty soon.

Connection-wise, Mini Xplus offers WiFi, HDMI and two full size USB ports. Wish to get more specification details? Jump to Miniand website. They’ve got you covered with all of the details, as well as the colors that you can choice. The price is $84 for the 512MB model, while the 1GB model is still unknown.


Optionally, you can also check out the similar device offered by Geanee. It’s a Mini PC as well, but more portable as it’s taking the shape of a USB drive. Amazon also offering similar device for a lower price, e.g. there is a 1GB RAM model that sell for $75+ only.

via [Liliputing]

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