Lightning Bolt Power Strip

Unique gadget hunter will like this type of new power strip with lighting bolt design. We all know that Power Strip is the main access to the electricity, but haven’t seen any bold design like this Lightning bolt power strip yet.


It will make you looks like Zeus holding His mighty lightning weapon, but don’t worry, it won’t stun you or anything. It’s a non-boring design that liven things up, especially when you’ve got a lot of pale looking power strips lied down in your room.

This cool lightning bolt power strip is coming with 6 grounded outlets with 2.5-inch three prong cord. It’s not expensive, for $20 you can bring ’em back.

“Harness the power of lighting to charge your electronics and power your gadgets. Take a super boring necessity (power strips… always beige and kind of dusty. The worst!) and make it a unique design piece you’ll be proud to show off. Also great for last-minute Zeus or Harry Potter costumes.” — FredFlare

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