Inebriator – DIY Robot Bartender To Make Your Cocktails In Glowing Style

Hiring a pro bartender might sounds expensive if you love to throw a lot of small parties around the year. If you’ve got enough ‘technical’ skill and want to save money on hiring a human bartender, you might want to do the same job as the creator of this Inebriator – the Arduino Mega 2560 powered robot bartender.


Without the need of human intervention, this big box robot filled with liquors and syrups is capable of mixing and making drinks according to the pre-programmed menu.

Check out the following video for more details:

What’s cool with this bartender ‘guy’ is that it could make 116 glass of cocktail drinks on first test drive. You can create one if you have to knowledge, by using Arduino Mega 2560 module and simple 12v valve system along with RFID security system.

If you want to make similar one, you can visit the Techie Stuff of Inebriator website. If you are lazy, you might want to email them to see if they can make one for you (with some sort of cash pay upfront of course). :)

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